2017 SWOT Analysis of McKesson

McKesson’s Strengths

  1. McKesson Pharmaceutical Company offers the diversified solution portfolio of their products and services.
  2. The company is so much large and it has a huge number of stores in different cities in US and Canada and there are over 36000 employees, which are engaged with this company.
  3. The company has over 2700 retail pharmacy franchises and it is leading in the pharmacy and healthcare industry. Also, it has over 10000 physician customer base.
  4. The company enjoys the strong balance sheet and solid liquidity position.
  5. The company has maintained its offices in UK, Ireland, France, Australia, and Netherlands.

McKesson’s Weaknesses

  1. The big weakness of McKesson is its reliance on the limited business segments.
  2. The company has to face the legal complications in patients and drug testing.
  3. The company has to face various legal issues, which are related to animals testing and patents, which are necessary to follow in the medicine and healthcare business.
  4. McKesson may face the die-hard conditions because of the high-risk industry in health care.
  5. The brand did not maintain proper and effective healthcare information group, service and process, which they need to provide to their clients.


McKesson’s Opportunities

  1. McKesson should extend its business in the robust market to provide the generic medicines.
  2. The company needs to give attention to the aging population to meet their expanded health care needs.
  3. McKesson adopts the public policy agenda and it supports to have access to the healthcare solutions.
  4. The company can have excellent margin business in the quickly grown sector like oncology.
  5. It is a good opportunity for the company to expand its business by doing some partnerships and acquisitions with other healthcare providers in the pharmaceutical industry.
  6. The company needs to look new emerging economies of the world, which can be a good place to enhance their business and make it global appearance to the pharmaceutical company.

McKesson’s Threats

  1. The great threat to McKesson is the changes in the legal position of the healthcare industry and business.
  2. Various other big software competitors are now competing in this business, which entered in the healthcare sector.

3. Being a medical and pharmaceutical company, there is a consistent danger to face the threats of legal implications and hazards in its business.


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